Interview and Interrogation




5 Days

About the Course

This course is a must have for new investigators, and especially investigators handling special victims cases. When a victim is unable to communicate what happened, the skills of the investigator to elicit information can be essential to discovering the true facts. Topics addressed will include rapport, the inquiry process, deception, persuasion, and developing interrogation plans.

Your Instructor

Crawford Training and Consulting

Dana Crawford is an instructor/developer of several investigative courses, including Interview and Interrogation, Written Statement Analysis, Enhanced Investigative Techniques, and Specialized Crime Interviewing and Criminal Interrogation. Dana is a 32 year veteran of law enforcement, having retired as Chief of Police of Boone Police Department in North Carolina.

Prior to becoming a chief of police, Dana worked as a deputy sheriff, a detective sergeant, and assistant chief of police. Dana is a certified criminal investigator, certified criminal interrogator and a graduate of the Criminal Investigator Academy at the North Carolina Justice Academy. Dana has been studying the art of interviewing suspects and detecting deception for over twenty five years. Dana is regularly requested by law enforcement agencies around the country to consult on interviews, statement analysis and cold cases. He holds a BAAS degree in Criminal Justice.

Crawford Training and Consulting