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About the Course

The PEACE framework of Investigative Interviewing provides a forensically robust model to secure complete, accurate, and reliable information in order to assist informed decision-making and add value to business. This three day course introduces core knowledge and context and is aimed at those who undertake investigative interviews with witnesses and victims, and who recognize the clear business benefits and added value to their organization and staff.

Your Instructor

FIS Forensic Interview Solutions

Forensic Interview Solutions FIS is a collaborative team of international experts specializing in P.E.A.C.E. Investigative Interviewing. We have developed a global reputation in delivering customized training and consultancy solutions to public and private sector organizations. We believe in the forensic application of the 'science of interviewing' in the workplace, to improve investigative decision-making efficacy and quality. We are the leading global provider and preferred supplier of ethical investigative interviewing scenario based training in the marketplace.

FIS Forensic Interview Solutions
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