RADAR Jr. Child Forensic Interview Model




2 Day

About the Course

For ages 3 1/2 to 5 1/2, RADAR Jr is a semi-structured, forensically balanced protocol comprised primarily of brief visually engaging modules. The modules provide substantial flexibility for responding to attentional limits as well as multiple methods for exploring the young child's experiences. RADAR Jr is designed as a two-session interview model. RADAR Jr is a two-day training; completion of the five-day RADAR training is a prerequisite. l.

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Developed by Mark Everson, PhD, Professor, UNC-CH Dept of Psychiatry and Director of the UNC Hospitals Program on Childhood Trauma and Maltreatment. RADAR (Recognizing Abuse Disclosure types and Responding) is a highly structured, evidence-based forensic interview for children and adolescents who are being assessed for possible sexual or physical abuse. RADAR is a modification of the NICHD model, and modifications involve enhancements to improve effectiveness of the NICHD protocol for children and adolescents in other disclosure categories, while maintaining fidelity to the design and structure of the original protocol. RADAR premiered in 2009 and has been recognized as an NCA Approved, best practice FI model.