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About the Course

This course will provide students with an understanding of the evolution from a traditional law enforcement approach and mindset to a modern Special Victims Methodology when handling prostitution related crimes. The student will understand how trauma impacts the brain, be able to recognize trauma response behaviors and have basic skills for interactions with victims, including a new, more successful and innovative way to conduct victim interviews.

Your Instructor

Human Trafficking Training Center

Dan Nash brings 27 years of law enforcement experience to the HTTC, 12 of which is specifically in human trafficking cases. Alison Phillips has a decade of experience in human trafficking work through advocacy, academia and multi-disciplinary team building. Their partnership as co-founders of the HTTC began in the state of Missouri where Alison served as the Director of the Human Trafficking Task Force for the Missouri Attorney General's Office. Dan at the time was the Coordinator of the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Human Trafficking Unit and provided supervision for the Attorney General's Task Force Law Enforcement Unit. Under their leadership, and with the partnership of many dedicated task force members, they were able to build on of the most successful human trafficking programs in the US. 

Human Trafficking Training Center
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